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MBRDNA Expands Cloud Computing Team to Seattle

December 8, 2017

With a view of the waterfront, steps away from technology’s biggest brands and most cutting-edge start-ups, MBRDNA opened its new office in Seattle, focusing primarily on Software Development and Data Operations in Cloud Computing for the connected vehicles of Mercedes-Benz. Michael Dosenbach, Engineering Manager and Lead of MBRNDA’s new Digital Hub, has worked for more than 10 years in this city and has a range of experiences in the software industry.

“Seattle is the right spot to attract the best cloud talent,” says Dosenbach. “As the first OEM with a lab for automotive Cloud Development in Seattle, we are committed to this area and see this new office as a long-term investment.”

The team in Seattle is building technology to be deployed in the cloud for users in the U.S., Europe, and Asia. Cloud technology for cars is one of the most intricate IoT programs out there, especially given cars are constantly in motion, which causes various complex cases within the vehicle. Over time, Mercedes-Benz vehicles will apply these IoT programs and learnings to interpret a car’s entire surroundings with even greater precision.

Beyond the benefits this technology will bring to customers, Mercedes-Benz employees worldwide will also use this information coming from the cloud to quickly and flexibly anticipate and recognize customers’ demands for future vehicles. By connecting all these moving parts with the cloud, the MBRDNA team can support the delivery of products, state-of-the-art technologies, and innovations with a shorter development time frame.

Taking this a step deeper, one of the futures of IoT at Mercedes-Benz is looking at fully networked cars, the digital companion constantly being fed with the fore-mentioned, up-to-the-minute information – including data on things happening beyond the range of its own sensors by using the cloud technology being developed in the Seattle Digital Hub. All the time the data is kept secure by several security mechanisms.

With the opening of the Digital Hub in Seattle, the office itself is an ideal place for any cloud developer to feel inspired. “The building is 100 years old and was originally used for cold storage with thick brick walls and original wood beaming still exposed today. Though the building is older, we of course have it outfitted with the highest high-tech equipment for our developers to work on, making it one cool place to work,” Dosenbach commented on the space.

“Seattle is the right spot to attract the best cloud talent.” – Michael Dosenbach

MBRDNA is headquartered in Silicon Valley since 1995, with key areas of Autonomous Driving, Advanced Interaction Design, Digital User Experience, Machine Learning, Costumer Research, and the Lab1886 Incubator. The Digital Hub in Seattle focuses on Software Development and Data Operations in Cloud Computing. In Redford, Michigan, the focus is on powertrain and eDrive technology as well as in Long Beach, where the E-Mobility Group helps to shape the future of the North American market for hydrogen fuel cell and battery electric vehicles. The Testing and Regulatory Affairs Division in Ann Arbor and the Advanced Vehicle Design in Carlsbad complete the competence center. Together, all 500 developers, technicians, engineers and designers take on the challenges of creating the next generation of intelligent vehicles.

Mercedes-Benz R&D facilities are designed for creative, collaborative work, with an open and flexible environment to allow their employees to push boundaries. If you’re interested in joining the MBRDNA Seattle team to design your future today, click here: