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The Concept EQ Puts Electric Cars into the Fast Lane

September 29, 2016

The car powered by tomorrow’s technology

The Mercedes-Benz Concept EQ represents the new generation of electric vehicles at Daimler – from its sleek grille and Mercedes star, on past its windshield and long, dark-tinted panoramic roof, the Concept EQ has a unified design with scarcely visible body panel joins, and instead of exterior mirrors, it’s equipped with cameras and touch-controls eliminate door handles. Under the EQ’s hood is a revolutionary battery-electric drive — with two batteries. Open the door, and the EQ is engineered with user-friendly connectivity, top navigation features, safety, style and functionality. This is how the future will move.

Fingertip control: the future of user interaction

Inside the Concept EQ, it’s a digital experience with none of those usual knobs and switches, except for one exception, the electronic seat adjustment. The steering wheel has integrated touch controls. A 24-inch wide-screen display presents all the relevant information drivers need, such as speed, range, driving data or navigation and map details. The center console is equipped with touch controls so the driver can use a finger to operate the automatic climate control and the infotainment system. Because there are no exterior mirrors, the Concept EQ has integrated displays that project an image of the traffic behind. Backseat passengers enjoy large screens integrated into the front seats.

Engineered to be luxurious

The interior design is clean and uncluttered. The asymmetrical dashboard is designed to put everything in the driver’s reach. The seats are high, giving one a sense of commanding the road. They are also engineered to be comfortable, but nonetheless also have reduced volume for added space. Overhead, the panoramic roof gives you a sense of freedom, and of floating. Because the vehicle is electric, the only sounds come from conversation or music.



Two batteries are better than one

This car marks a revolution, not a rehash of older technology. Its duo of lithium-ion batteries power each axel and it’s capable of reaching 60 miles-an-hour in less than five seconds. The concept EQ’s range is a super-long 310 miles and charging it is easy: the vehicle is ready both for charging at home or for fast-charging via induction or wall box. Households that have their own photovoltaic system and which store their surplus solar power in a Mercedes-Benz energy storage unit can also go green – their power source can be powered by the sun, and become energy-independent.

Driving with data

Experience safer, more enjoyable driving, thanks to tomorrow’s technology. The Concept EQ is equipped with Car-to X communication, which means it can exchange information with the other vehicles — even the infrastructure around it. Car-to X helps drivers to know of hazardous situations early on, such as when an emergency vehicle is approaching or if a car is heading in the wrong direction, toward you. The Concept EQ notifies drivers of recharging opportunities nearby, based on your destination. Navigation is easy with the Concept EQ, the vehicle’s mapping feature can automatically adjust the car’s speed and driving for greater comfort and relaxation. This special focus on the intelligent combination of data from different sensors is a key step toward autonomous driving.