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Concept S-Class Coupe

December 1, 2014

The resplendent exterior, with its flowing lines and arches, is just the beginning.

Concept S-Coupe Front ViewWith the S-Coupe, it’s not just the beautiful exterior. It’s not just the interior, with its simple elegance and infotainment that appears to float in front of the dash. It is the realization of the visual design as the entry point to the underlying technology that makes driving just as luxurious. Intelligent Drive technology carefully monitors the surroundings and then guides the driver to maintain safety and comfort. Cameras monitor the environment and construct a three-dimensional view ahead of the vehicle. Radar and ultrasound sensors detect other vehicles, pedestrians, and road hazards.

Magic Body Control adjusts the suspension to manage the road.

The suspension uses camera technology, allowing detection of road surface problems ahead of the car. When undulations are detected, the suspension adjusts to best manage the road. Control is continuous, calculating the best suspension adjustments on an ongoing basis. S-Class Coupe Top View

Infotainment that makes you comfortable to enhance the driving experience.

MoodGrid software provides just the right music for any mood. Comfort is a car that chooses music based on mood, rather than a search through songs or channels. Even speaker perforations are designed to complement the mood, visually and acoustically matching the music and the interior. Navigation incorporates new technology from Garmin with a 3D view that mates with 12.3” screens for display. S-Class Coupe Interior

Flowing lines, two 12.3 inch screens, and a jewel-like central command unit contribute to the ease of driving and riding.