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Project Dash — A Revolution in Driving UX

September 15, 2015

Creating the next dashboard interface

Despite innovations in connectivity and display-screen technology, drivers are often forced to fumble among a tangled underbrush of dials and switches while they speed down a highway. Silicon Valley’s Mercedes-Benz Research & Development North America (MBRDNA) team decided to revolutionize the driving experience with a reinvented, fully digital dashboard. To achieve this goal, MBRDNA designers and engineers decided to create a single, clean dashboard interface code-named, Project Dash. But, to design this Project Dash concept, the team had to reinvent its whole design process.

Breaking through the old design constraints

Innovative work doesn’t happen without taking bold measures. MBRDNA wanted their designers and engineers to focus on their creativity, not time-wasting constraints. The usual design process could have been arduous and slow: designers had to first make renderings and then send the assets to the engineers for prototyping. This took a great deal of time — designers couldn’t see their work in real time. Being a tech-first company, MBRDNA looked for a technology solution — ultimately choosing to work with an unusual partner, The Foundry, a company known for developing creative software for Hollywood visual effects. With Foundry software, the MBRDNA design team could break past time wasting barriers and freely create a next-generation dashboard with real-time, Hollywood-grade renderings. The company could focus on what they have always done best: design and engineer the latest technology for mobility.

Meeting the challenge of R&D

The Project Dash concept shows how MBRDNA meets creative challenges: It looks past the routine solution. It encourages creativity and partners with other groundbreakers — even the Hollywood pros — to reinvents mobility. MBRDNA understands that technology should make life easier for everyone — both consumers and creators.

The cockpit of the future

The results for the Project Dash concept are stunning – imagine a single unified design. The interface is next-generation and high-resolution, with touch controls that light when your fingers are nearby. All information is readily available and easy to read, thanks to Hollywood-quality visuals and imaging. Everything about the Project Dash concept is straightforward and intuitive. Drivers are in full control and no longer have to fumble about for fundamental information.

The Project Dash premiere

Project Dash had its world premiere in the Mercedes-Benz Concept IAA, the sleek, visually stunning show car that physically transforms into the world’s most aerodynamic vehicle when it reaches highway speed.