Advanced User Experience Design

A Mercedes is more than a vehicle – a Mercedes is a holistic experience.

In the next ten years, there will be more innovation in the automotive industry than in the last fifty years.

Advancements in automated driving, connectivity and urban mobility are rapidly transforming the relationship between driver and vehicle. While the vehicles become more technologically capable, it is essential to design the technologies to be more personal and more human. Designers in the Advanced UX Design Team at Mercedes-Benz meet the challenge of humanizing technology into a holistic experience that is both intuitive and unparalleled.

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Envisioning, designing and building the digital experience of the future.

The Advanced User Experience Design Studio focuses on three primary areas: crafting a digital language for Mercedes-Benz vehicles, designing in-car hardware/software interfaces and developing mobile and cloud-connected products.

As part of a global network of interior, exterior and digital designers, the Advanced UX Design Studio plays an integral role in bringing the Mercedes-Benz digital solution come to life.

Autonomous driving allows for new interfaces and interactions in the car. The F015 – Luxury in Motion research vehicle was introduced at CES 2015.

No problem is too small to scrutinize or too large to tackle. Ideas develop from inception to production to pixel-perfection.

Designing the digital experience of the future.

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