Artificial Intelligence & Digital Vehicle

Mercedes-Benz developers bring cutting edge innovations in infotainment, telematics, big data and machine learning into the car.

With consumer devices, connected technologies and the cloud rapidly impacting everyone’s lifestyle, Mercedes-Benz extends its reach into the car.

The Artificial Intelligence and Digital Vehicle team designs, develops and tests technologies that change the way drivers and passengers interact with Mercedes-Benz vehicles. Continuously enhancing the interactive experience with new technologies improves safety, comfort and drivability in ways that were inconceivable before the internet.

Mercedes Me and Google Home.

Partnerships with leading Silicon Valley technology companies speeds the introduction of connected technologies.

Collaboration is a key component of development in a connected world.

The Artificial Intelligence and Digital Vehicle Team works with leading consumer electronics and IT companies in Silicon Valley such as Nest, Google and Apple. Partnerships extend the reach of our developers into the heart of new advances in technology.

Mobile devices and the car work in harmony.

As devices and services get smarter, so does the Mercedes-Benz vehicle.

Artificial Intelligence in Mercedes-Benz Cars

Join the team and drive the future.

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Artificial Intelligence & Digital Vehicle

340 N Pastoria Ave.
Sunnyvale, CA 94085

Phone: (408) 991-6200