Testing & Regulatory Affairs

Mercedes-Benz vehicles are simulated, tested and analyzed with US-specific conditions that result in products that meet and exceed environmental needs and legislative rules.

Every new vehicle must be designed to meet government requirements for emissions and safety.

The Testing & Regulatory Affairs Team ensures that all standards and requirements are met for the US market.

Testing locations in the Long Beach, California and Ann Arbor, Michigan also function as liaisons to both Mercedes-Benz in Germany and to government regulatory bodies in the US, including the Environmental Protection Agency and the California Air Resource Board.

Environmental test chamber simulates extreme environments

State-of-the-art equipment enables testing across a wide variety of requirements for gas, diesel, electric and flexible fuel vehicles.

Mercedes-Benz strives to continuously improve our products and reduce their impact on our environment through real-world situations simulated on a dynamometer. Engineers and technicians are capable of performing both Evaporative and Full 5-cycle Exhaust Emissions Tests– FP75, US06, HWFET, SC03, and Cold CO – on both 2WD and 4WD Mercedes vehicles.

The CAP2000 initiative, established by the United States Environmental Protection Agency, ensures Mercedes-Benz is in compliance with Regulatory Requirements. Customer vehicles are brought onsite in order to perform these emissions tests, while customers are offered a VISA Gift Card and a current model year Mercedes-Benz product to drive until testing is complete.

For further information please refer to our Customer FAQ Sheet.

Mercedes-Benz vehicles pass durability testing under difficult real-world conditions

Mercedes-Benz vehicles prove their capabilities in extreme heat, cold, humidity and altitude.

Engineering teams in the Testing & Regulatory Affairs Team focus on development and testing of next-generation Mercedes-Benz vehicles. Highly qualified engineers direct comprehensive durability testing in every environment and across the US.

Engineering test drives

Engineering and customer test drives provide feedback to help optimize vehicles for the US market.

Testing & Regulatory Affairs Team

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Testing & Regulatory Affairs

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Testing & Regulatory Affairs

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