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Vehicle Homepage

December 4, 2014

Companies, organizations, individuals can have a homepage. Why not a car?

We’ve extends the homepage to the vehicle, allowing the driver to communicate using any web-capable or app-enabled device. Check on the status of vehicle functions, determine the location of the vehicle, and map out routes with key en route locations, such as charging stations for electric vehicles. And pre-condition the climate in the car and lock and unlock doors from a remote device or web browser.

Using the Vehicle Homepage with a smartwatch shows all the settings quickly without having to pull out a phone.

With each tap, the smartwatch app pages through the settings on the car’s homepage. Lock and unlock the car and set the climate control from the smartwatch. Similarly, Google Glass easily accesses the Vehicle Homepage for viewing and setting important car functions. Vehicle Homepage Control PanelLimitless opportunities are available from the Vehicle Homepage

Even weather can be monitored.

If the car is parked at an airport, for example, simply click on the Vehicle Homepage Weather button on any device and see the conditions at the car. In a few simple steps, ready the car for arrival, pre-conditioning the climate control to the weather. Vital indicators like tire pressure and service intervals can be monitored without checking the car. Trips are saved and can be compared and shared with friends. Vehicle Homepage Cloud ConnectionUsing the cloud makes information available anywhere

We deliver everything a driver needs to know and control through the cloud.